Standing Firm

Every week I get an email that comes from the Beth Moore site. It's called "Weekly Encouragement." I would like to share to this one with everyone...

Standing Firm

Hurricanes in Houston. Tornadoes in Kansas. Earthquakes in California. Avalanches in Everest. Tsunamis in Asia. Welcome to life on our planet. The same gravity that sticks our feet to the floor throws curve balls through our air. One day we're well. The next day we're sick. At Christmas we get a bonus. In January we're in debt. If your victory depends on the right circumstances, you may as well wave the white flag and surrender to defeat. Just go ahead and take that snort. Gulp that fourth gin and tonic. Binge and purge that pizza, a side of garlic bread, and half gallon of mint chocolate chip. Sleep with that jerk again. Eat, drink, and be miserable.

Or you could make up your mind that you're in with God, standing upon that rock, for the rest of your days. The apostle Paul called it being found in Christ (see Philippians 3:9). No matter how long it's been since you've seen me, He is where you can find me. Whether my health flourishes or fails, that's where I'll be. Richer or poorer, I've made up my mind. In the light of day or dark of night, find me in Christ. Spouse or not. Kids or not. Job or not. I've made up my mind.

When you've made that decision and given your heart, mind, and soul in all their fissured parts; and when you've given your past, present, and future "to him who is able to keep you from falling" (Jude 1:24 NIV); and when you know you're absolutely in, come what may . . . congratulations, Sweet Thing. . . . Your feet are on a rock.

Beth Moore


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