The pictures in my slide show are ones that I have taken in Tahiti, Ireland, Hawaii, and on 2 different trips to Australia. I love landscape photos and have been blessed to be able to capture photos of some of the most beautiful places in the world. Enjoy!

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Constant thinker and dreamer...just a girl livin for Jesus who wants to make a difference in the world.

God changes our directions whether we want Him to or not...

When God is in control of your life, it doesn't matter which direction you want to turn. God will always steer you in the way that He wants you to go. I used to be scared of this, now I embrace it. Im' single and living my life in the way that God wants me to. I'm letting him take the reins of my life and lead me to do whatever He would have me to do.

So much of my life has changed in the past 6 months and I thought it was going to be scary. But I have now realized that everything I have went through since then has just been preparing me for the life that God is wanting me to lead right now. That is amazing! I signed up to volunteer with the SC chapter of Make-A-Wish and Ronald McDonald House and I got my paperwork for both of them. I can't wait to help make a difference in someone else's life. I read an article online that talked about how singleness is a sacred opportunity. I believe this to be 100% completely true. I thought my last relationship would lead to something that would last forever, but God had other plans. And that is okay.

There is a quote that says, "For it is when we take our eyes off our own inadequacies and losses that we are truly able to be used for others." and how completely true is that. For some reason we tend to think about ourselves all the time. Our wants and needs. But how great is it when we forget about what we want and need and focus more on what other people's needs are. It's amazing.

Being single and being okay with it has opened up some opportunities for me. I know that I'm getting older, I'm reminded of it everyday. But I believe that God has that perfect someone for me, and he is out there, but God hasn't wanted us to meet yet. For whatever reason. I have had plenty of opportunity to move back to Indiana in the past 6 months, for some reason I feel like God is telling me to stay here. I'm not sure why, but I can't wait to find out. If God wanted me to be married right now, I know that He is more than capable of sending someone to me. :) For now, I'm content. I'm ready to be used for God's great works. If I meet someone along the way, then so be it. But I will only be committed to someone from now on, if I know for sure that it is God's will. I don't want to keep breaking off pieces of my heart and giving them away to people who don't truly care about me. I've done it in the past and it has gotten me nowhere.

I had the opportunity to attend REFUGE yesterday and it was nothing short of amazing. Such a small setting (because its fairly new) but the power of God in that room was sooo AWESOME! I'm glad I just happened to read my friend's status on Facebook or else I would have never known anything about it. I decided to look it up online and found someone who gave me some more info about it. It's amazing what God does. :)

I'm pretty stoked about life right now because God is sooo amazing! I can't wait to share His goodness with everyone!

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"Till I See You" by Hillsong United
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"To Know Your Name by Hillsong United
"At Your Feet" by Melissa Greene

and everything by Kari Jobe....she is sooo amazing and has such a powerhouse, God given voice and talent.

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"Crazy Love" by Frances Chan
"Authentic Beauty" by Leslie Ludy

She pressed through the crowd hoping that she might see...she said if I can touch Jesus, I know I'll be free... today was not a good day. In fact, this week hasn't exactly been the best. Dealing with health issues and everything else has not been fun. But things are looking up and God is in control. Finally I feel like my life is going forward instead of being either at a stand still or always looking back.

I have always been obsessed with books ever since I have been little. Well being in my late 20's has not changed that. I'm currently trying to read like 4 books right now (yes, my non-diagnosed ADHD has something to do with this) and one of them is by this author named Sheri Rose Shepherd. She has a ministry called His Princess Ministries and her writings are pretty amazing. I bought one of her books called "His Princess...Love Letters from Your King" and it's nothing short of wonderful. She writes this book based on scriptures and pens them as love letters from God to us. It's like there is one for every reaction to life.

Whenever I read my Bible, I always pray that God will show me something that I need to learn. He has never let me down. Well with this book it's no different. There really isn't an order to read this book, so I have kind of been skipping around. So today before opening it, I prayed that God would show me something to encourage me through this time in my life. I opened it up to page 46 and read the letter and immediately started crying. To realize how God hears us and knows our heart and our hurts is ever so amazing. I could never thank Him enough. The letter is as follows:

My Princess...I Will Redeem the Time For You.

I know that sometimes you look back on your life with anguish and regret - so much time wasted on things that did not matter. But take heart, My love. I am your redeemer, and today is a new day. So start now by seeking My plans, which are to give you hope and a future. Just as I used hardship in Joseph's life to lead him to a position of leadership, influence, and blessing, I've also called you. I will use your past to carve into your character everything you need for the here and now. I want you to let your past experiences teach you and not torment you. Remember, My princess, I will always turn into good what others meant for harm. I will redeem what was lost and place you on the narrow road that leads to everlasting life.

Your King and your Redeemer

This letter is based on Jeremiah 29:11 that says "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."

God doesn't want to us think bad about ourselves and our lives. He wants to provide for us. He wants to protect us. Where we as humans fail is that we think we can do it all ourselves and that we don't need anyone, but we do. We need God. Whether we think God is there for us or not, He is. He always will be. It is just our choice if we would rather Him take the reigns or we try to fend for ourselves on this course we call life.

He keeps opening up my eyes everyday and I am soo thankful for that. I'm so thankful for what I have seen and done in my life, but I realize that a lot of it is selfish. I am very fortunate and there are so many that aren't. I decided to sign up to volunteer with Ronald McDonald House in Columbia and also the SC Chapter of Make-A-Wish. I just hope they have a spot for me. With that, I don't know how the rest of my life is going to pan out, but I'm anxious for God to show me. With Him, I can do anything. :)