The pictures in my slide show are ones that I have taken in Tahiti, Ireland, Hawaii, and on 2 different trips to Australia. I love landscape photos and have been blessed to be able to capture photos of some of the most beautiful places in the world. Enjoy!

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Just another day in Paradise...

I can't believe it's almost December already and I still haven't blogged about one of the most amazing trips of my lifetime.

Back in March, I was invited to take part in a familiarization trip to Tahiti with Pleasant Holidays.  This trip was pretty much all expenses paid except I just had to get to Los Angeles to fly out.  Seriously?  Anyone who knows me, knows that Tahiti has been my dream destination since I started in the travel business and finally found out that those overwater bungalows really did exist and not on another planet.

Here was my chance to go to one of the most beautiful places on earth.  How could I turn it down?  Now, even though I was so stoked about going, inside I felt really sad.  Sad about Tahiti?  How is that possible?  Well, you husband and I were supposed to go to Tahiti on our honeymoon last year.

We got married in September 2011 and I had all intentions of us staying at the Le Meridien Bora Bora for 6 nights and spending our amazing honeymoon week in paradise.  I had actually won the stay from the same company, Pleasant Holidays, in a webinar contest.  So the only thing I had to worry about was airfare.  Well, unfortunately I couldn't get the airfare to work out because the only flight we could get on was leaving that Tuesday.  We didn't want to wait that long.  So long story short, we didn't go to Tahiti, but ended up in another beautiful area of the world.  Hawaii...  :)

Back to Tahiti though.

So after flying to Los Angeles, I met up with about 15 or so other travel agents who I would be hanging out with for the next week.  One thing I do love about fam trips is that usually I never know anyone and it's cool to meet new people.

Our Air Tahiti Nui flight was about half full so we pretty much got to spread out all over the plane and have extra seats for ourselves.  That was awesome, considering their inflight entertainment sucked so bad the only thing left to do was sleep.  You would think that with Tahiti being such an expensive destination, that Air Tahiti Nui could afford to upgrade their entertainment system.

So we arrived into Papeete around 9:30 p.m. and had to stand in line waiting to go through customs...boy was it hot.  We went through customs, got our bags and headed to the Manava Suite resort where we would spend one night.  We literally were there long enough to sleep and have a tour of the resort the next morning after having breakfast.  It was a lovely resort that allowed some amazing views of Moorea.

The next morning after breakfast and our resort tour, we headed to the Intercontinental hotel just to see what the grounds looked like, long enough to take a couple of pictures, and get back in the van.  We arrived at the airport and boarded a flight that literally was about 10 minutes long and went to Moorea.  You do also have the option of taking the ferry over, but our trip took us over by plane.

Moorea has one of the smallest airports I've ever been to and literally has no security.  I think there is only 1 or 2 people that actually even work at the airport, at least that's how it seems.  There is no one there checking to make sure you only have 3 oz. per bottle in your carry on.  What a relief!

After arriving in Moorea, we were taken by van to the Hilton Bora Bora to do another resort tour and have lunch.  The Hilton Bora Bora is absolutely beautiful!!

We got to see the inside of one of the garden bungalows and also one of the overwater bungalows.  The resorts on the islands are not huge and there really isn't a ton of stuff to do at the actual resort, but they are meant more for relaxation.  Most of the time during the day, you are out in the water snorkeling or doing other water activities and by the time dinner is over, you are exhausted and ready for bed.

Anyway, after our little trip to the Hilton, we embarked on a 4x4 safari around Moorea that took us to Belvedere Lookout before going to Magic Mountain.  Which, by the time we made it to the top, I had everyone in our jeep that it was actually Mushroom Mountain and that's where D12 came up with the name.  I actually kept singing the Purple Pills song in my head the whole drive up and kept repeating the whole "i've been to mushroom mountain..."  No, I don't listen to that kind of music anymore, but I'll plead the 5th on the fact that I used to...  LOL

So the arrival to the top of Magic Mountain brought some of the most amazing views EVER!  After leaving there, we finally made it to the Moorea Pearl Beach Resort where we would be staying that evening.  We were given garden/beach bungalows that had their own private little terrace pool.  I loved the size of the bungalows as they were absolutely huge and probably the size of 2 average hotel rooms. They are beautiful.  We had some free time before dinner, so we all threw on our bathing suits and headed to the beautiful infinity pool.  Dinner was awesome as we were joined by the manager of the resort.  After dinner, it was pretty late and we were exhausted so we headed back to our bungalows and went to bed.  Time change can sure make you exhausted.