The pictures in my slide show are ones that I have taken in Tahiti, Ireland, Hawaii, and on 2 different trips to Australia. I love landscape photos and have been blessed to be able to capture photos of some of the most beautiful places in the world. Enjoy!

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prayer, adoration, and all things Christ...

Today, one of the scariest events of my life took place...our office building burnt down.  Literally within 5 minutes of realizing what was going on, the entire place was engulfed in flames.  Why is when things like that this happen, do we stop and realize the precious gift of life.  We realize how fragile life really is.  Yes, it could have been worse...not only could the office have burnt down, but lives could have been lost.  It happens everyday.  

My first instinct was to start calling the ones closest to me.  I called Gregg immediately because I knew he would know exactly what I was going through.  He deals with this stuff on a daily basis. Being a fireman, I don't know how he does this all the time.  Many times he has to watch people lose everything they have ever owned in their life and sometimes even their own life.  He is so brave and I love him more than I could ever tell him.  Starting tomorrow, our office will be divided between the other 2 stores in the area until further notice.  I'm not worried about that, just want to make sure all of my clients get taken care of.  That's the most important thing.  That, and the fact that we all made it out safely. 

While I was driving to Myrtle Beach this past weekend, I stopped and was getting gas.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I keep my phone on me constantly.  While I was pumping gas, I was reading through my twitter feed and realized that not only would George W. Bush be at the Billy Graham Library today, but so would Billy Graham.  For some that might not seem like its that big of a deal, but it is.  At the tender age of 92, Billy Graham doesn't go far from his NC mountain home.  I just got done watching a segment on Greta Van Sustren where she interviewed both Billy and George today and the interview blew me away.  

The interview with Billy Graham made me cry.  Here you have a fragile, 92 year old man who has witnessed the redeeming love of Christ more than any other person in the world.  They estimate that over 2.5 million have come to know Jesus as a result of one man being faithful to God.  Just one man!  And those figures were only as of 1993.  Im sure in the past 17 years, that those numbers have steadily rose.  Why?  Because we serve an AMAZING God.  Billy Graham doesn't have to be in your face preaching in order for your life to change.  Just listen to one of his sermons.  Watch one of his crusades.  Watch an interview with him.  If I wasn't already saved, just this little clip with Greta Van Sustren would have had me on my knees begging God to save my life.  Billy Graham is humble.  His heart is in the right place.  He knows what it takes to make it in life.  It takes Jesus Christ.  It takes His Holy Spirit living inside of us to truly know what its like to live.  You may think that you are only one person and that you can't change people's lives.  Well one man just proved you can.  

Greta asked Billy what he would do if he were given the chance to live his life over.  And he said, "If I had to do it over again, I'd spend more time in meditation and prayer and just telling the Lord how much I love Him and adore Him and I'm looking forward to the time we are going to spend together for eternity..."  Wow!  Talk about humble.  How much do we take praying for granted.  How much do we take meditating on God's word for granted?  How much do we take this life for granted?  

No matter what age you are at right now, if you could start your life over, what would you change?  What things would you do differently?  Would you still make the same mistakes?  Would your choices in life take you down a different path than you are on?  Are we doing our best to live the life that God has chosen for us?  Not the life that we have chosen for ourselves because of our own freewill, but truly the life that God has laid out for us.  We were formed by our Creator's hands.  We were knitted together. (Psalm 139:13) God took time to pay attention to every detail on our tiny body in our mother's womb.  How can you not praise God for that?  

When you wake up in the morning, what changes will you make in your life?  Will you look a little more closely at your life?  Will you realize that eternity is too long to spend in a literal hell?  Don't wait until it's your final hour to make your decision to follow Christ.  Life is so much more rewarding when you do, why wait?  

Thank you Jesus for once again opening my eyes...You never cease to amaze me.  I pray that I'm always in Your will.  I pray that when You look upon my life, You will be pleased.  I can't wait to worship You for eternity! I love You, Jesus!

From where you are...

Death is forever...

Today and tomorrow mark the anniversary of Sabrina's death.  I say both days because she died on a Sunday morning, but it was on September 20, 2009.  Why does time go so fast?  Why do we pray for the future, yet wish for the past?  Somethings I just wish were frozen in time.  Wednesday, September 15th was especially hard for me since it was Sabrina's birthday.  It would have been her 30th.  Her birthday last year was the last time I spoke to her.  :(  She died 5 days later.

What I wouldn't give to change things.  What I wouldn't give to have just prayed a little bit harder for her.  Talked to her more, been there for her through all of her trials.  It's hard to ask myself these questions, knowing I can't do anything about it now.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us...

Wow...can't believe it's been so long since I last blogged.  I, of course, planned to blog the entire time I was in Australia, but true to form, that didn't happen.  We literally went non stop every day.  I wouldn't trade an ounce of it.  Australia was sooo awe-inspiring that you can't help but marvel in the wonder of God and His creation.  I could go on and on and on about that amazing country.  Don't tempt me. :)

One thing that bothers me about the fact that I haven't blogged in almost 2 months is that writing is a huge part of me.  So when I'm not doing it, it is usually because something has changed.  

I saw this quote in the info section on my Facebook page and to be honest with you, can't even remember putting it on there.  It's crazy how things work out, because I really needed to read this tonight.  

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
-- Marianne Williamson

This brings me to another point.  How often do we shrink down to others?  When does our "good enough" really become good enough.  Only when we realize that God has each and everyone one of us here for a purpose, can we really fully understand the potential in our lives.  Backing down to others or not being all that God has called of you, does nothing for His kingdom.  God is looking for someone who will be bold for Him.  Someone who will give up their life in return for a life lived for Him.  Are you willing to do that?  Are you willing to change your life and your ways and live a life that is pleasing to God?

People travel for a lot of reasons.  Some people travel because their one trip a year might be the only time they can see family.  Some do it because they want their children to have long lasting memories.  Some do it simply because they have nothing else better to spend their money on.  Some only dream of traveling.  

The biggest reason I love to travel and I love to book travel is because I get to see a part of God in everything that I do.  I've been to the Grand Canyon and have watched these colors of reds, oranges, and pinks just light up the sky during an amazing sunset that came straight from hands in Heaven.  In Israel, I've stood next to the Garden of Gethsemane where the most amazing man (remember He was fully God, but also fully man) spent hours in agony over what was about to happen to Him and the betrayal He was going through.  I've stood at the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus gave probably one of, if not the most important, speech in His entire ministry.  Each one forming a very important Biblical theme.  I walked into the tomb, where based on scripture, history, and all that could ever be proved, once held the body of Jesus after He spent 6 torturous hours on a cross, just to save you and I from dying in our sins.   I have put my toes in waters that are sooo sparkling blue-green that I am positive God had me in mind when He created the oceans.  

In Australia, I stood in a rainforest where even the smartest person in the entire world couldn't come up with insects and plant species like the ones I saw.  I truly believe that this beautiful, intoxicating land that we call Earth was created to give us one more reason to know that God exists.  He could have made every part of it dark and cold.  But He didn't!  He painted the mountains, the trees, the flowers.  He breathed life into more species of animals than we could ever think about.  He did this for US!  It's when we realize that the only person who is above us is God, then we can truly start to see ourselves in a different light.  In a light that shows how beautiful God is.  He took dust and breathed life into it.  Can you put that on your resume?

Australia...beautiful one day, perfect the next!

So in about 9 hours, I will be leaving Columbia on a plane headed to Los Angeles (through Charlotte of course).  Tomorrow night I will be boarding a Qantas jet around 11:30 p.m. PST heading to Brisbane, Australia.  I'm sooo excited I can't stand it!  I'm also very nervous.  Besides my cruise, my trip to Israel, and my trip to Canada, I have never been out of the country before.  Let alone by myself.  I am meeting up with other people in LAX, but I don't know them.  So as you all know by now, that is something I love to do and am good at...meeting new people.  I'm just nervous! :)  So here the itinerary or what we will be doing.  How did I ever get so blessed and how did I ever deserve such an opportunity as this.  I'm flabbergasted!  Hope you enjoy reading and I can't wait to post videos and pictures when I get back! :)

Thursday, 3 June 2010 

2330 Departure of Qantas Flight QF 16 from Los Angeles International Airport to 
Brisbane International Airport  
Friday, 4 June 2010 
  In Flight 
Saturday, 05 June 2010 

Arrival of Qantas Flight 16 into Brisbane International Airport  

On arrival, collect your luggage, make your way through Customs and into the Arrivals Hall to meet with your hosts from Tourism Queensland, Ms Shana Pereira & Ms Kylie Smith & Brisbane Marketing, Mr Michael Magner. 

You will be transferred by JPT Tours to Newstead House for a “Welcome to Country” performance 

0845 Arrive at Newstead House and enjoy your “Welcome to Country” performed by Riverlife Mirrabooka  

 Meet the local Brisbane Aboriginal Tribe Riverlife Mirrabooka and share in rich Aboriginal culture presented by the Yuggera Aboriginal Dancers 

0915 Depart Newstead House by way of River City Cruises to transfer to Southbank. A light morning tea will be served onboard whilst cruising up river 

 Sit back, relax and enjoy cruising through Australia's most livable city, Brisbane. 

Enjoy the commentary as we cruise past riverside parks and buildings where you will learn about early convict settlers and present day landmarks - all aboard the M.V. Neptune. 

1015 Arrive at Southbank and board your JPT Tours coach to transfer to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary  

1045 Arrive at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and meet with your host, Mr Mathew Doherty. You will have the chance to cuddle a koala and hand feed a kangaroo during your visit  

 Officially recognised by the Guinness World Records, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the world's first and largest koala sanctuary, with over 75 years experience and 130 koalas.  Famous for opportunities to get close to 
Australian wildlife, Lone Pine now also gives a slice of Aussie outback farm life, with a new sheep dog show. Complete the experience by meeting an assortment of farm animals in the outback farmyard. 

Of course, the most popular animal encounter is still the irresistible koala hug. Cuddle one of these cute creatures anytime and even have your souvenir photo taken. 

You can feed kangaroos and wild lorikeets, encounter birds of prey and hold a snake. You'll meet a large variety of wildlife including wombats, birds, dingos, Tasmanian devil and more, in beautiful, natural settings. 

1215 Depart Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and transfer to Mount Coot-Tha Lookout  

1230 Arrive at Mount Coot-Tha Lookout and enjoy lunch at the Summit Restaurant 

 Offering spectacular panoramic views of Brisbane stretching to Moreton Bay, dining at the Summit is a memorable experience in a truly unique setting with award winning contemporary cuisine. 

The restaurant layout is designed with terraced seating inside for up to 220 guests flowing to an open deck outside so everyone is assured panoramic views of Brisbane and the surrounds. 

The Restaurant offers regularly changing menu's of contemporary, quality Queensland style cuisine with Mediterranean and Asian influences. Fully licensed, the wine list offers an extensive selection of premium Australian Wines, some of which are vintage Queensland, with many offered by the glass. 

1400 Depart Mount Coot-Tha and transfer to your Hotel  

1430 Arrive at The Sebel Citigate King George Square and check in 

 Included in your stay at the Sebel Citigate King George Square: 

The Citigate tower features 228 fully appointed standard rooms.  Citigate King George Square Brisbane is part of Brisbane's largest hotel. Offering guests a full range of services and facilities, in relaxed yet sophisticated surroundings, including a restaurant, cafe and lounge, excellent conference and meeting space, fully equipped gymnasium and swimming pool. 

 You will have some time to relax and freshen up prior to this evening’s welcome dinner  

1745 Please assemble in the lobby for your pick up with JPT Tours to transfer to GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) for your “Welcome to Queensland” Gala Dinner 

1800 “Welcome to Queensland” Gala Dinner 

 The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) - Australia's largest gallery of modern art - stands out as a star attraction.  Over five levels, GoMA offers 5,825 square metres of exhibition galleries, a purpose-built cinémathèque, a children's art centre, a research library, a restaurant and retail facilities. 

2200 Depart GoMA and transfer to your Hotel with JPT Tours  

2215 Arrive at your Hotel  


Sunday, 06 June 2010 

From 0630 Breakfast at leisure served in Bistro Allure located on the ground floor of the Hotel – included in your stay  

0830 Arrive at Southbank and meet with your guide for your Segway Tours experience, Mr Ray Carson. 

 Suddenly, thought and action are one. Stand on a Segway PT and it remains stationary and upright, balancing you appropriately. Shift your weight forward, backward, left, or right, and LeanSteerage technology immediately 
sends you gliding in the precise direction you want to go, at exactly the speed you want to move. Straighten up and you gently stop. 


0930 End of your Segway Tour. You will be escorted on foot along the Promenade to spend time at the Southbank Markets 

 Every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday crowds flock to buy local and interesting wares from the South Bank Lifestyle Market. With an exciting range of arts, craft, homewares, collectibles, exotic items, designer fashion 
and much more, the markets are a great way to discover something new. 

1100 Arrive at Sirromet Wines  

 Included in your visit to Sirromet Wines: 

1100 Tour & Tasting at Cellar Door  
1200 Lunch served in Lurleen’s Restaurant 

 Sirromet Wines is Queensland's largest and most highly-awarded winery located roughly midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, in picturesque Mount Cotton.  Located amidst 560 acres of land, the combined winery, tasting area and restaurant offer views over the rolling vineyards and rural vistas towards Moreton Bay. Much of the produce used in the stylish Lurleen's Restaurant is grown on site in the organic orchard, vegetable and herb gardens complete with free range chickens. 

1400 Depart Sirromet Wines and you will experience a mini Brisbane tour with JPT Tours  

1630 Return to your Hotel  

1815 Please assemble in the lobby of your Hotel for your pick up with JPT Tours to transfer to Tukka Restaurant for dinner 

1830 Dinner at Tukka Restaurant 

 Located in the heart of Brisbane's West End, just 5 minutes from the CBD Tukka showcases the best of native Australian cuisine that embraces the freshest ingredients from the bountiful countryside, oceans and bays, and 
combines them with native herbs, spices and berries to produce a true taste of Australia. 

2030 Depart Tukka and transfer to your Hotel with JPT Tours  


Monday, 07 June 2010 

From 0600 Breakfast at leisure served in Bistro Allure located on the ground floor of the Hotel – included in your stay 

0900 Please assemble in the lobby for your pick to transfer with JPT Tours to Davies Park 

0950 Group 1 (8pax) to arrive at Davies Park for pre-flight safety briefing ad boarding 

1000 Helicopter 1 and Helicopter 2 depart Davies Park and fly to Tangalooma via Redland Bay, Macleay Island, West coast of North Stradbroke Island to Amity Point then directly onto Tangalooma 

1030 Heli 1 and Heli 2 with Group 1 (8pax) land at Tangalooma 

Passengers disembark then helicopters immediately return to Davies Park via direct route over water for Group 2 

1045 Group 2 (8pax) arrive at Davies Park 

1050 Heli 1 and Heli 2 arrive back at Davies Park. Refuel as required plus pre-flight safety briefing and boarding 

1100 Heli 1 and Heli 2 depart Davies Park and fly to Tangalooma via Redland Bay, Macleay Island, West coast of North Stradbroke Island to Amity Point then directly onto Tangalooma 

1130 Heli 1 and Heli 2 with Group 2 (8pax) land at Tangalooma 

Passengers disembark and helicopters depart 

 Included in your visit to Tangalooma Island Resort: 

1200 Lunch served in Tursiops Restaurant 
1330 Desert Safari Tour (includes Sand Tobogganing for the adventurous) 
1500 Site inspection of the accommodation types 
1600 Dolphin Behaviour and Data Collection Presentation at the Tangalooma 
Marine Education Centre 
1700 Hosted Dinner at the Steakhouse 
1800 Feeding the Wild Dolphins commences (Please ensure you have a 
change of clothes for this activity as you could get wet up to your waist) 

 Tangalooma Island Resort is situated on Moreton Island, only a 75-minute cruise across Moreton Bay by a high-speed catamaran from Brisbane. Fringed on three sides by Moreton Island National Park, the Resort is situated 
amongst landscaped gardens and natural bushland.  Accommodation options include 96 air-conditioned hotel rooms, 134 self-contained resort units and 56 two-storey villas - all 50 metres of the beachfront. 
A highlight of any stay at Tangalooma Island Resort will be the opportunity to interact closely with our native wild life.   Each evening the Tangalooma inshore dolphins swim up the beach, where they are hand fed fresh by the 
Dolphin Care staff and Resort Guests in a controlled manner.  Guests have the opportunity to participate in the feeding or watch from the jetty. In the mornings our resident pelicans and cormorants also enjoy a bucket or two of fish hand fed to them on the beach. Day tours also allow you to Sand Toboggan, swim in Blue Lagoon, snorkel sunken shipwrecks and visit Cape Moreton Lighthouse. 

 Sand tour at Tangalooma 

With so much space, a 4WD Desert Safari -  You can try sand tobogganing on sandhills 46 metres high and on which you can reach speeds of 30kpm. Quite a thrill when you’re just sitting on a thin masonite board. 

 A highlight of any stay at Tangalooma Island Resort will be the opportunity to interact closely with our native wild life.  Each evening the Tangalooma in- shore dolphins eagerly swim up to the beach, adjacent to the well lit jetty, 
where they are rewarded with fresh fish hand fed to them by our Dolphin Care staff and Resort Guests.  Whether you are actually participating in the feeding or simply watching from the jetty, you will be overwhelmed by these 
beautiful creatures. 

 Moreton Island 

Depart Tangalooma on the launch and transfer to Holt Street Wharf – 
approximately 75minutes transfer time 

2045 Arrive at your Hotel  


Tuesday, 08 June 2010 

0800 Please assemble in the lobby for your pick up with JPT to transfer to the Boardwalk Bar & Bistro for breakfast  

0815 Arrive at the Boardwalk Bar & Bistro for breakfast on the riverfront 

1000 Depart Boardwalk Bar & Bistro and transfer South to the Gold Coast with JPT Tours 

1130 Arrive at Mariners Cove and check in at the Tall Ships counter  

1145 Departure of the speedboat to transfer across to McLarens Landing 

 Arrive at McLarens Landing for lunch  

Step aboard our Luxury High-Speed Wave Piercing Catamaran the "M.V. 

2000." Our vessel departs for our Balinese style resort on South Stradbroke Island, "McLaren's Landing Island Paradise". Arrive at our beautiful 9 acre, Balinese style island paradise "McLaren's Landing Island Paradise" 
Includes: Scrumptious Australian BBQ island steak and seafood luncheon feast Fish, Chicken, Steak, Prawns, Baked Potatoes, Pasta Salad, Garden Salad, Coleslaw and Fresh Bread Rolls. Guided educational Bush Walking tour, through native Australian bush, with sights of wild Wallabies and various Bird species and wildlife 
Tall Ship return cruise departs to Marina Mirage Wild Sea Eagle feeding off the front of the vessel Optional Parasailing, Jet Boat Rides off the vessel while it sails. Afternoon tea on both vessels available including; tea, coffee, fresh cake and biscuits 

1430 Depart McLarens Landing onboard the Sir Henry Morgan and sail back to Mariners Cove  

1600 - 1630 Arrive at Mariners Cove  

1630 Arrive at your Hotel and check in Q1 Resort & Spa

1730 Please assemble in the lobby for your pick up with JPT Tours to transfer to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 

1800 Arrive at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for the Wildnight Adventure – includes dinner 

 After dark, Currumbin comes alive with activity in the Gold Coast’s only buffet and night-time wildlife tour. Delicious food, traditional culture and Australian animals at their very best at. 

On arrival, the experience begins with a delicious Australian buffet including a choice of hot dishes, salads and desserts. 

Then take a walk on the wild side and get closer to Australia’s native wildlife in a natural environment and experience spellbinding, Aboriginal music, dance and culture, seven nights a week. 

All in a unique, buffet and tour package you must experience at least once in your life. 

Get closer to some of our incredible Australian wildlife. You’ll meet the koalas and see one of the biggest Saltwater Crocodiles in Australia, hand feed the mob of friendly kangaroos and see the Tasmanian Devil at its most active. 

Enjoy an Aboriginal corroboree where you’ll see traditional dance mixed in with snake, possum and owl appearances as well as Dreamtime stoires told by the dancers. The haunting sound of the didgeridoo echoing through the Sanctuary’s natural bushland is a truly memorable experience. 

The Wildnight Adventure BBQ buffet is served from 6:00 pm prior to the start of the Wildnight Adventure at 6:45 pm every night of the week. 

Tour tips: Bring your camera, a small torch if you like, insect repellent, warm clothing in winter, and wet weather gear if it’s rainy. And make sure you wear comfortable shoes. 


2130 Depart Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and transfer to your Hotel 

2200 Arrive at your Hotel 

Overnight : Q1 RESORT & SPA  
 Cnr Hamilton Ave & Surfers Paradise Blvd 
 Surfers Paradise 

Wednesday, 09 June 2010 

0420 Please assemble in the lobby for your pick up at 0430 with Hot Air Gold Coast  

0430 Departure from your Hotel of the Hot Air Gold Coast transfer to drive inland to catch your Hot Air Balloon Flight 

Please ensure you wear warm clothing for this activity as the morning will be cooler the further you move inland 

 Included in your Hot Air Balloon Flight: 

Balloon Flight for 16 Adults 
Breakfast served at O’Reilly’s Vineyard, Canungra 

 Hop onboard to experience the fun & unique sensation of your first hot air balloon ride, floating gently above the spectacular Gold Coast Hinterland, in Queensland, Australia.  So much to see, but often it's the sensation of floating silently over this picturesque landscape at sunrise for your 30 minute hot air balloon flight, that really makes this such a special time. Breathe in the wide-open spaces and be amazed at the colourful spectacle of our other balloons in the morning sky.   

Includes Champagne Breakfast at O'Reilly's Grand Homestead & Vineyard 

0830 Breakfast at O’Reilly’s Vineyard, Canungra 

0930 Depart O’Reilly’s Vineyard with JPT Tours and transfer to Mount Tamborine 

1000 Arrive at Rainforest Skywalk and meet with your host for an overview before the chance to wander in the Rainforest at your leisure 

 Visitors depart from the Rainforest Eco Gallery and begin the adventure on a spectacular elevated walkway through the beautiful middle and upper canopies of the rainforest. The walkway is a stable, high-tech steel structure enabling visitors to explore these canopies in a safe and secure way. It descends gradually to the lower canopy and follows points of interest including rockpools and waterfalls, a butterfly lookout, local history enclosure 
and sheltered rest areas along the way until reaching the amazing Skywalk. This is a 40 metre long cantilever soaring 30 metres above the valley, with spectacular views over the creek and the rainforest canopies below. Finally the walk returns along the rainforest floor to the Centre. 


1100 Depart Rainforest Skywalk and transfer with JPT Tours to Gallery Walk 

 Free time to explore Gallery Walk at leisure, making your way to Witches Chase Cheese Company for lunch at 1230 

 Situated on Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland, the Gallery Walk comprises a cluster of galleries and craft shops showcasing a wealth of diverse art and craft including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, porcelain, 
glass, jewellery, woodwork, fabrics and much more. From fine art to the frivolous, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets in this fascinating precinct.  

As you explore Gallery Walk enjoy coffee, light refreshments or a sumptuous lunch at one of the fine restaurants and cafes. You will also discover a local Winery's cellar door tasting room, an avocado farm tour and many other 

 Long Road (Gallery Walk), Mount Tamborine 

1230 Arrive at Witches Chase Cheese Company

 Located in a shared premise with MT Tamborine Brewery Boasting the best beer money can buy and Liquid Amber Bistro & Grill With mouth watering Steak, Seafood and much much more. 

Set amongst the tropical Rainforest of Tamborine Mountain lies the Witches Chase Cheese Co. Happy Jersey cows produce our regions finest milk, from which we handcraft a specialty range of award winning premium cheeses including fresh, soft, blue and hard varieties.  We use traditional methods without preservatives and with vegetarian rennet 


1400 Depart Witches Chase Cheese Co. and transfer to your Hotel with JPT Tours  

1430 Arrive at your Hotel 

 Free time to relax prior to this evening’s activities  

1715 Please assemble in the lobby to walk around to the entrance to QDeck. 

1730 Meet your host, Ms Erin Rolfe for your hosted sunset drinks on the 77th Floor – QDeck 

 QDeck takes you to the highest point above the Gold Coast and offers spectacular 360 degree views from the surf to the hinterland and beyond.  Rising 230m into the sky, QDeck is located on Level 77 & 78 of the iconic Q1 
Tower, in southern Surfers Paradise.  More than just awesome views, your journey begins with an inside look at 
the construction of this landmark development before boarding the express lift to the observation deck. Take some time to explore this custom designed viewing arena and soak up the panoramic views. Enjoy coffee and cake, or perhaps an evening cocktail at QBar lounge and café. 

 Q1 Resort & Spa, Hamilton Avenue, Surfers Paradise 

1815 Please meet back in the lobby of your Hotel for your transfer with JPT Tours to the Australian Outback Spectacular  

1845 Arrive at the Australian Outback Spectacular 

 Australian Outback Spectacular, presented by R.M. Williams, is located on the Pacific Motorway between Warner Bros Movie World and Wet 'n' Wild Water World, just 20 minutes from the heart of Surfers Paradise. 

The show takes place in an arena with a 1000 seat capacity. The show is based around Australian stock horses and features the spirit of the Australian outback through scenes of wild horses, stampeding cattle, an array of bush vehicles and displays of horsemanship. There is even a mustering helicopter that dives into the arena to round up a mob of charging cattle. 

The audience is split into two groups after receiving free stockmen's hats whose headbands depict their respective station. Guests can barrack and cheer for their stockmen and women to bring home the ultimate prize of "top station" while enjoying a traditional roast dinner. 

2115 End of the Show, transfer back to your Hotel with JPT Tours 

2145 Arrive at your Hotel 

Overnight : Q1 RESORT & SPA  
 Cnr Hamilton Ave & Surfers Paradise Blvd 
 Surfers Paradise 

Thursday, 10 June 2010 

From 0700 Breakfast at leisure served in the Beach Club located at your Hotel – included 
in your stay 

1030 Arrive at Australia Zoo 

 There is no other zoo like Australia Zoo!    There is plenty of wildlife action every day with action-packed LIVE shows and exciting encounters with amazing animals, all set in an open and natural bush environment. 

With 14 shows daily, get your adrenalin pumping as you watch crocodiles launch a strike from the water's edge in the 5000 seat 'Crocoseum'.   See the thrilling free flight bird show, watch playful tigers with their handlers, and 
elephants roam.  See demonstrations of the world's most venomous snakes, giant pythons, otters and koalas, or walk among the kangaroos & wallabies that roam free. 

 Steve Irwin Way, Beerwah 

1400  Depart Australia Zoo and transfer to your Hotel.  

Along the way, you driver will take you on a mini Sunshine Coast Hinterland 
Tour including; 

1630 Arrive at your Hotel and check in the Quay West Noosa Resort & Spa

 This magnificent Noosa resort offers a choice of spacious and luxuriously appointed studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Perfect for romantic escapes, incentive groups or family accommodation. 

Quay West Resort & Spa Noosa offers world class leisure facilities including a luxurious Mii Spa Day Spa, lagoon swimming pool with man-made beach entry, restaurant and cocktail bar, gymnasium, tennis centre, conference and business centre. 

1830 Hosted Dinner courtesy of Tourism Sunshine Coast, Tourism Noosa and Quay West Noosa Resort & Spa 

 94 Noosa Drive 
 Noosa Heads 

Friday, 11 June 2010 

From 0630 Breakfast at leisure served in Restaurant Aroona located within the Resort – included in your stay 

0730 Transfer to the Sunshine Coast Airport – Terminal 4, Air Fraser 

0830 Board your charter planes to fly to Fraser Island  

 Air Fraser Island is a tourist based air charter service, specialising in aerial tours of World Heritage Listed Fraser Island, using the eastern beach of Fraser Island as its unique airstrip. 

0915 Land on Fraser Island and meet with your host from Kingfisher Bay Resort, Ms Stephanie Siebert 

Kingfisher Bay Resort is the gateway to the World Heritage wilderness of Fraser Island.   This Australian icon is famous for its ancient rainforests, spectacular fresh-water lakes, remarkable wildlife and famous 75-Mile Beach 
with streams spilling into the ocean, mighty sand blows, coloured sand and even a shipwreck. 

The resort nestles among tree-covered dunes on the edge of the calm waters of the Great Sandy Strait and is a paradise for boating, fishing, swimming, bush walking, four-wheel driving and just enjoying the magnificent, natural 
beauty of this island. 

Kingfisher rangers guide a variety of four-wheel-drive coach tours and personalised tours for up to four people, to explore Fraser Island.  Rangers also have a free, daily program of nature walks and activities such as bird 
watching, stargazing and fishing clinics. Dolphin search cruises operate all year round except from August to October when there are daily whale watch cruises to see the migrating humpback whales. 

 Hosted Dinner courtesy of Kingfisher Bay Resort 

 Fraser Island 

Saturday, 12 June 2010 

From 0630 Breakfast at leisure served in Maheno Restaurant located within the Resort – 
included in your stay 

0750 Departure of the launch from Kingfisher Bay Resort to River Heads 

1200 Arrive at Eumundi Markets - Your luggage will be transferred to your Hotel whilst you enjoy your time at the Markets 

 The Eumundi Market is one of Australia's leading tourist attractions and is held every Saturday and Wednesday. The markets are situated in the centre of town with it's interesting shops and eateries. Over two hundred exciting 
stalls of various handcrafts and produce selected to make your visit a memorable one and you will find something tempting around every corner.  Growing since 1979, the market operates in front of the re-built railway station and south of the fig trees fronting the main street.

1400 Depart the Eumundi Markets and transfer to your Hotel with Sunair Bus Service 

1430 Arrive at your Hotel and check in Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa: 

 Free time to relax prior to this evenings Farewell Dinner 

1800 Arrive at Eumarella Shores for your “Farewell to Queensland” Dinner  Just behind the coastal dunes is untouched Lake Weyba, and Eumarella Shores - an award winning absolute lakefront retreat nestled on the water's 
edge, minutes from Noosa. Offering 4 star traditional Queenslander cottages and stunning contemporary 
lakehouses in a 5 star location. 

Discover the peace and tranquility of a country retreat in an outstanding coastal location. 

2130 Arrive at your Hotel 


Sunday, 13 June 2010 

1100 Departure of Qantas Flight QF 15 from Brisbane to Los Angeles International 

0700 Arrival of Qantas Flight QF 15 into Los Angeles International Airport