You never know what life will throw you...

So wow, in about 45 minutes it will have been a month since I have blogged.  And I could not stress enough how much change has happened in this one measly month.  So my last blog ended with me having the MOST amazing night worshiping with Kari Jobe in Evans, GA on the night of March 11, 2011.  Fast forward a few hours from that event, and you'll have the start of the best and worst 2-3 weeks of my life.  I say best, because my life changed incredibly for the good during that timeframe, and I say the worst because it was also the sickest I have ever been in my life.  March 12th marked the day that Gregg was to move to Columbia from the beach.  So I wake up the morning of the 12th in THE best mood EVER!!  See last post.

To make a long story short, I ended up in Drs. Care the afternoon that Gregg moved into his apartment.  I'm in so much pain, that I'm literally throwing up and I can't figure out what is going on.  The nurse tells me I might have a kidney stone.  So $216 later (they couldn't verify my insurance on a Saturday apparently) I'm sent on my merry way and told to go to the ER later if it doesn't get better.  Well it didn't.  So about 8 hours later, I found myself in the ER for about 6 hours.  Final verdict.  A kidney stone.  Not only a kidney stone, but one that I will probably not be able to pass.  So after some extra scripts of pain meds and some iv injected morphine, i'm sent on my merry way again to deal with this at home.  I had a followup appt with a urologist that following week and I find out that not only do I have a kidney stone, but I have 2 of them and will definitely not be able to pass them.  Seriously?  Worst luck ever.  So the nurse comes in and tells me I have to have surgery the next day.  I leave the office almost ready to have a panic attack.  I've never been put under before.  It honestly was my worst fear.  So the next day I go into have the surgery (on my birthday of course) and find out that I have to pay like $1000 up front.  Ummm hello!!! I have insurance!!!  But they don't care.  So after having a mental breakdown, I leave the urologist's office in tears, in pain, without having surgery.  So I go home and find another urologist who would see me that same day.  I head to Dr. Fairey's office (they were able to get me right in) and explain everything.  Next thing you know, I'm being wheeled off to surgery.  Happy birthday to me!!

Not so much.  Thank God for Gregg though.  I would have never made it without him.  I ended up having a lithrotripsy and had the stones broken up. Recovery was horrible as I was really sick from the anesthesia.  The next few days were horrible as well.  I ended up having a stent put in that ran from my kidney to my bladder.  Honestly, after the surgery, that hurt worse than the actual surgery.  I ended up having that taken out the following Tuesday morning.  That night, I started getting so severely sick that I didn't know what was going on.  I ended up in the ER again that following Thursday with a really bad infection that I seriously think I'm still trying to get over.  It honestly was the worse time in my life and I never want to be that sick again.  But Gregg took care of me the entire time, which I know was extremely stressful for him and having to deal with going to the Columbia Fire Academy everyday.

But in the midst of all this, I GOT ENGAGED!!!!  Gregg had planned to throw me a surprise birthday party on Friday, March 18th, but since I had surgery the night before that wasn't about to happen.  So with Jamie's help, Gregg was able to plan a birthday party and a surprise engagement for me that got moved to Saturday, March 19th.  Even though I was still really sick, it was the best night of my life.

I'll save the actual story for the next post.  :)  So long for now!


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