Be still my still.....

"Be still and know that I am God..." Psalm 46:10 tells us to be patient. Did you know that when the word "still" is used as an adjective it means to remain in place or at rest? This verse is telling us to be at rest and know that HE is God...not you or I. God is SO much more than what we think. Many people believe that when they are going through trials in life, that God is punishing them. Although this may be the case sometimes, it is not most of the time. I believe that God puts us through our trials and tribulations so that we will turn to Him. In some cases, it is a first time believer. Some cases are people who were once Christians, but had turned their back on God. Most are already Christians.

How often do we turn our backs on our Father, only to realize that we can not go through our trials and tribulations alone? Most of the trials and tribulations that we go through in life are brought on by our own stupidity, selfishness, or lack of patience. I, for a fact, know that those 3 characteristics are exactly why I have been through all of my trials and tribulations.

Patience is probably one of the worst things I deal with in my life. I can't ever recall a time that I have been patient about something. It's just who I am. Before, it didn't bother me. Now it does. God is teaching me patience every day. I wonder if it is because we learn to be impatient at such an early age, that it becomes worse and worse as we get older. When we are young, all the talk is about the future. Not the future as in a few days from now, but the future as in a few years from now, or ten years from now. In creating our own plans for the future, we fail. We fall short. Why? Because we are the ones making the plans, not God. We aren't being patient enough to let God create the story of our life. We want to create our destiny. How selfish of us.

You can look around you at any time and see God's creation. Amazing!! How awesome is it to know that from the smallest of insects to the highest of mountains, God created it. Be still and know that He is God. We did not create the insects. We did not create the mountains. God did. If God is capable of creating such wonderful scenic masterpieces, why would we not think that He would be the best at creating our destiny or our future. Why do we as humans feel that we are so worthy to do a job that God had designed from the beginning of our time.

We are in such a hurry to figure out our life that we forget to stop and remember the reason we are on this earth in the first place. We are here to serve God. We are here to do His will. Why do we make our plans so much more important? As you know I talk about singleness a lot. I truly believe that I'm single for a reason. God has bigger plans for me. That literally makes me want to jump up and down with joy. The same God that created the heavens and the earth has a plan for ME!!! He loves me enough to want to guide my life, but I have to allow Him to. Guess what though, I'm not the only person that He wants to have this opportunity with. He wants to guide EVERYONE'S life!

You may feel lost or depressed and feel like there is no way that you can keep going. The saying goes that God is not going to give you more than you can handle. But nobody continues that saying and says "but if He does give you too much to handle, He wants to take care of it for you..." Why do we always want to keep God in a little area of our life and not let Him out of it? Why do we only want to go to Him every now and then, but think we can handle everything else ourselves? God wants to be our Comforter, our Protector, our Everything! He is the Alpha and Omega! The First and the Last! But we only let Him be "our sometimes..."

The book I'm reading right now is called "Sacred Singlesness" by Leslie Ludy. Wow! She talks a lot about being content in Christ. If we could all just find our contentment in Him instead of things of this world. Like I said earlier, God created us to serve Him. There is a part in the book that says "Don't fall prey to the lie that Jesus Christ is not enough to fulfill the longings of your heart. The most satisfying, spectacular divine romance with Jesus awaits us if we simply allow Him to be everything to us." Jesus wants to be everything that we need in life. He wants us to go to Him for everything. Anything that we need in life, He wants to give it to us. Notice I said "need" and not "want."

Also like I said before. I know I talk a lot about singleness, but I truly believe soooo many people need to understand how amazing it is! I want to be single until the moment that God brings someone to me. And at that time, I only want to fall in love with someone who makes me fall more in love with God. I no longer will be seeking anybody. If God wants me to be married, He is perfectly capable of sending that person to me. There is no reason for me to go searching any longer. This applies not only to me, but to literally every single person out there. STOP SEARCHING!!! Let God take control! God knows the joys of your heart. God knows your longings. As long as you trust in Him and give Him your all, He will provide for you. "Be still and know that I am God..." Be patient, be at rest and know that He is God. He can do anything. Singleness allows for an opportunity that few realize. It allows us to completely surrender to God with no distractions. It allows us to be completely used for His kingdom in ways that we never knew possible. We just have to allow Him to take control of our lives and have His way. That doesn't mean that the married people are out of luck as far as being used for His kingdom. But if the person you are with does not draw you closer to God, but further away....something has to change. That is not what God wants for our lives. He wants us to have a beautiful love story that is based on His love story that He has shown us.

God is so amazing and there are not enough words to express how thankful I am for Him allowing His Son to die for our sins. What an incredible love story. He loves us enough that He sent His ONLY Son to die on the cross for us. I'm so thankful that Jesus was obedient. If we could all learn from His obedience, how this world would be so much different.

REFUGE in the morning...I can't wait. Thank you Jesus for loving us enough to lay down Your life.

"I promise you,
I’m always there...
When your heart is filled with sorrow and despair,
I’ll carry you...
When you need a friend,
You’ll find my footprints in the sand..."

Leona Lewis : Footprints in the Sand


  1. Hi Tiffany,

    I just saw you on my blog list of followers. I am for the first time here at your blog. I got married early in life so I never really experienced what you write of (being single) for very long in my life. I know from watching others that being/remaining single seems to be a challenge and I would probably think so too. Many times being married is worse though! I think it's awesome that you have decided that you will ... wait. It is hard to wait and I ask that God will bless your decision with great contentment.

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I have not been very faithful to blogging and I will blame that on my love of playing games when I am online!

  2. Thanks Connie!!! Hope you enjoy!!!