What if?

I first read this a few years ago and it has stuck with me ever since.  

What if you had a partner, that loved you more than life?
One whose only focus, was to have you for his wife.
What if this person gave you every flower in the land,
Would you then consider, giving him your hand?

What if you had a partner, that painted rainbows in the sky?
Just to see you smile for him, and draw your spirit nigh.
What if this person sent you the sweetest songs you've ever heard?
Wooing softly at your window, in the lovesong of a bird.

What if you had a partner, that could warm you like the sun,
And love you like no other, do you think he'd be the one?
What if this person prayed for you, each and every day,
And kept you ever close to him, to marvel at your ways.

What if you had a partner, that could meet your every need?
Just because he loves you, in thought and word and deed.
What if this person could create nature in it's glory,
To keep you ever happy, and fill your days with joy.

What if this person loved you, so much that he would die,
Just because he could not bear to ever say goodbye.
What if you had a partner that only longs for you?
And never strays away, because his love is true.

What if this isn't just a dream, or thoughts to fill your head,
But His Precious Name is Jesus, and this is what He said.
I will never leave you or forsake you, will you be my wife?
Marry me, My Bride, for I've loved you all your life.



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